Conditions of service provision


1- This information is essential to ensure clear communication and contact you if necessary, in particular to confirm your reservation or to inform you of any possible changes.

2- By booking a hairdressing service with, you agree to provide personal information such as your name, telephone number, and any other data necessary to manage your reservation. This information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy and will be used only in connection with your visit to us. Unless required by law or with your prior consent.

Please be assured that we treat your personal data with the utmost care and respect your privacy.


1- By booking a hairdressing service at, the customer confirms that she has taken the time to choose the hairstyle she wishes to achieve. She understands that this choice is personal and that it is up to her to determine the hairstyle that corresponds to her preferences and expectations.

2- We are committed to accurately reproducing the hairstyles that we offer as a hair service in our references and our portfolio. We do everything we can to obtain results consistent with our proposals, using our expertise and skills. However, it is important to note that the final result may vary depending on the individual characteristics of each client's hair.

3- We would like to point out that we will not be held responsible if a customer requests the exact reproduction of a hairstyle that she has seen elsewhere, without providing us with specific details concerning the material or the technique used for its creation. We strive to provide quality hair services, but it can be difficult to reproduce a hairstyle exactly without the proper information.

4- As a hairdressing salon, we are bound by an obligation of means and not of results. We are responsible for responding to the customer's request as best as possible but we cannot be considered responsible for a result that does not
not suitable for the customer. This does not give him the right to refuse to pay the service.

5- We understand that the satisfaction of our customers is essential. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your hairstyle, we offer you the opportunity to make another booking within 48 hours from the date of the last booking to have the hair done again. The service only, without the wicks, will be offered.

6- If you choose a service that does not include highlights, you are responsible for bringing your own highlights that match your preferences and the desired hairstyle. Be sure to bring the appropriate locks in terms of length, color and hair type, as recommended by our team. Also, if you place an order for locks directly on the website, please inform us before the start of your service.

7- The appointment is made with the hair salon as a whole, and not with a specific hairdresser. The customer cannot therefore demand to have their hair done by a hairdresser of their choice.

8- We grant a tolerance of 10 minutes of delay to our customers. Beyond this period, penalty fees of 5,000 FCFA will be applied, as compensation for scheduled reservations and overtime of hairdressers. After one hour of delay, the reservation will be canceled and the deposit will not be refunded.

We encourage you to be punctual in order to respect the appointment schedule.


1- It is your responsibility to inform us of any known allergies or any particular sensitivities regarding hair products or any other products used before booking and starting the service. We will take all necessary measures to avoid any inconvenience. However, we assume no responsibility for any allergic reactions due to failure to disclose relevant information.

2- We encourage you to follow these recommendations in order to optimize your experience and allow our hairdressers to create your hairstyle in the best conditions.


1- We encourage you to inform our team in advance, if you intend to carry out a story time, so that we can prepare accordingly.

2- Please note that any publication made as part of a story time must respect our internal policies and copyright. We ask that you tag our salon and provide appropriate credits if you use images or videos related to our service.

3- However, we ask you to respect our staff and our other customers by avoiding filming the specific techniques used by our hairdressers for personal purposes.

4- If you agree that the salon can film you during your performance, you agree to grant us all the necessary rights to these images. This includes the right to use these images for promotional purposes, advertising or on our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), in accordance with our internal policy.

5- We undertake to use these images with respect and with respect for your privacy. If you have any specific concerns about the use of these images or if you do not wish to be filmed or appear on our online platforms, please let us know before your performance begins.

6- For security reasons, our living room is equipped with a video surveillance system. By entering our premises, you consent to being recorded by our cameras.


If you benefit from a sponsorship coupon as:

1- Referral, you benefit from a 5% discount on your first service. You will be able
Give us the coupon when you come.

2- Sponsor, you earn 10% discount per coupon, as soon as your godchild or godchildren, we
will have given the coupon.


We aim to provide a pleasant and secure environment for all our customers. This is why we have put in place some guidelines:

1- In accordance with current legislation, smoking is strictly prohibited inside our salon. We ask that you respect this policy to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone.

2- Any intentional or negligent destruction of our property will be billed to the person responsible. Please respect our equipment and facilities.

3- We decline all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage caused to your personal effects. We recommend that you keep a close eye on your belongings during your visit.

4- Any unpleasant, abusive, verbal or physical behavior towards our staff or other customers will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service if such behavior occurs. Any form of violence or fight will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

5- We reserve the right to cancel a service or refuse service to any person who does not comply with these conditions.

NB: We want to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all our customers. We thank you for your understanding.